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We are a non-profit foundation legally incorporated in Quito, Ecuador, since 21 October 2018. Our mission is to mobilize, empower, train and accompany men and women with the purpose of reaching those who do not yet know Jesus. We focus on supporting and guiding people in their spiritual growth, promoting Christian values and sharing Jesus’ message of love and salvation. Our work extends through different programmes and activities that seek to strengthen the faith and commitment of believers, as well as reaching out to those who have not yet had a personal encounter with God.

In addition to our spiritual focus, we are also concerned about the general well-being of people. Therefore, we offer training and accompaniment in areas such as leadership, personal development and social skills. Through these actions, we seek to empower individuals to face life’s challenges in a positive and constructive way. Our commitment is to work hand in hand with the community, establish strategic alliances and collaborate with other organisations and ministries that share our vision and values. We believe in the importance of joining forces to make a significant impact on society and bring hope to those who need it most.


In 2014, we took an important step in our growth by founding our first headquarters in the beautiful city of Quito. This strategic decision allowed us to establish a solid base from which to expand our actions and reach more people in this vibrant Ecuadorian capital.


From April 2016, our organisation started active collaboration with various Christian missionary organisations and the church. During this period, cooperative work programmes were developed between these church organisations in order to motivate and mobilise people to get involved in God's mission.


In early 2017, our organisation welcomed its first volunteers from Europe. This effort culminated in the creation of the "IMANAY EXPLORE" programme, which aims to help people understand God's purpose in their lives. Through this programme, volunteers worked on community development projects, supporting disadvantaged communities and promoting social justice.


In June 2017, another important milestone was reached when we held our first three workshops for pastors and religious leaders. As a result of these efforts, the "FOCUS" project was born, a global outreach initiative that was launched in the cities of La Concordia and Guayaquil in Ecuador, and extended to Bogotá, Colombia.


In 2019, we took another significant step in our growth by establishing a second headquarters in the beautiful city of Guayaquil. This strategic decision allowed us to further expand our actions and reach out to communities in one of the most important and populated cities in Ecuador. We have become involved in social aid projects, as well as educational and training programmes to promote personal and community development.


In 2020, our organisation took another important step in its expansion by founding a third headquarter in the city of Puyo. This strategic decision allowed us to bring our services and programmes to a new region of Ecuador, and thus expand our impact on communities in and around the Pastaza province in need of support.


In 2020, our organisation recognised the growing need and devastating impact that the COVID-19 pandemic was having on vulnerable communities. In response to this situation, we proposed the formation of volunteer groups dedicated to providing social assistance to those most affected. The response from the Christian community was overwhelming, with people from different congregations and organisations coming together to collect resources to support those in vulnerable situations.


In 2022, Propósito Global realised a dream that had been five years in the making. Through national and international donations, it was able to acquire two plots of land in the sector of Angamarca, in Quito, Ecuador. This land is being used to provide assistance and support to a vulnerable community.

Our for the mission.

The Church’s perspective on the need to reach the unreached by the gospel. To achieve this, we work in partnership with churches and Christian leaders to promote a missional mindset. We organise seminars, conferences and events that address the importance of mission and the need to reach the unreached.

The gifts in church members so that they can develop their service to God. By activating the gifts in church members, we not only empower individual believers, but also strengthen and enrich the church as a whole. Each member has a vital role to play in the mission of the church, and by utilising their gifts, a powerful synergy is created that allows for greater impact and spiritual growth.

To the local church the tools they need to reach their community with the gospel. To achieve this, we provide training programmes and practical resources that help church members develop evangelistic skills and confidence in their ability to share their faith. Through workshops and seminars, we provide biblical teachings on how to communicate the gospel effectively.

Coming soon to our headquarters in Angamarca

Headquarters Construction Project

The Propósito Global project has been established in the parish of Alangasí, specifically in the neighbourhood of Angamarca, located in the Valle De Los Chillos. Before starting the project, a thorough analysis of the intervention area was carried out to understand the needs and opportunities present in the community.

Planning Progress
Processed 82%
Covered 50%
In progress 10%

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"Jesus gave his life for humanity, we as a Church must imitate him, otherwise we have lost our purpose.



And he who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new. Then he said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is true and trustworthy.” Revelation 21:5

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