Since our team was created in 2019, we have made it our primary goal to serve and be a blessing in missionary work. To achieve this, we have embarked on various projects that allow us to positively impact the community. One of our key projects is the entrepreneurship workshops. In Ciudad de Dios, located on the outskirts of the city in a rural area, is where we have been able to impart most of the workshops and also in the city of Durán, in rural areas as well. Within our programmes we include sport such as Floorball, which we use as a tool to share and teach biblical principles through sport.

In addition to entrepreneurship workshops and sports, we are also involved in evangelism and social aid activities in conjunction with churches and foundations with the purpose of sharing the gospel. We work together with Funsiba, a foundation that works with people with various disabilities, where we visit them periodically and run dynamic programmes and attend to some of their needs with food and medical aid. Along with this we also started to support a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, where we also bring hope with the message and projects for their personal development.

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Our team was born in 2019 committed to carrying out various projects that positively impact the communities we serve. Important projects for us are evangelism and social aid. We engage in evangelistic activities, sharing the message of love and hope through different media. In addition, we are also involved in providing assistance and support to those who need it most, such as the distribution of food, clothing and other basic resources.

We are working in the community of Angamarca with a Community Wardrobe “Broki” and Floorball. These projects aim to meet specific needs of the community, such as the provision of clothing and the promotion of physical activity through Floorball as a sport, bringing the message of hope along with it. Alongside these projects we also bring social aid in conjunction with Foundations such as Niños de Maria with orphaned children, in Puerto Quito bringing help and hope to people with disabilities, and visiting the women’s prison where we share God’s love and the message of salvation.

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Since November 2020, our Global Purpose team decided to settle in a strategic point of the Ecuadorian Amazon: the city of Puyo. This decision was made with the aim of expanding our actions and reaching out to communities in this important and diverse region.

One of our initiatives in Puyo is Casa Tao, a space dedicated to early childhood stimulation and Bible studies. Here, we provide support and resources to families and children in their early years, encouraging their holistic development and promoting Christian values through the teaching of the Bible. We are also working in partnership with organisations, local churches and community leaders to carry out additional projects in Puyo and its surrounding communities. We are committed to providing social aid, medical assistance and evangelistic activities in this region, seeking to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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